Financial Direction

Sparking possibility. Accelerating your success

Your business goals lead the way

Whether you’re growing organically, creating new revenue streams, consolidating operations, driving efficiencies or planning acquisitions, a solid financial foundation is essential to your success.

Whatever your size or goal, we’ll work with you to understand where you are now, where you want to get to, and what’s required to get there profitably.

Choose your path to success

A finance director on board

Even the best plans will fail if they’re not properly implemented and seen through to the finish line. One of our finance directors can take a seat on your board so we’ll remain accountable, responsible and available to the cause.

Affordable action plans for SME’s

Every small business deserves to thrive. We can help you understand your numbers and plan where you could, or should get to. Our step by step plans help you arrive there. Put us to the test: Send us your year-end accounts for a FREE review of where we can add value

Raising capital

We’ll help you identify a variety of funding sources and get strategic about raising capital.

Building your finance function

From the systems you need, to the roles and responsibilities you require, we’ll work with you to map a more efficient finance team.

Managing change

As the landscape inevitably changes, we’ll continue to adapt your financial strategy and course-correct using the best available resources and tools.

Start before you're ready — we’re here to help no matter what stage you’re at