Six Degrees

Driving social impact and profitability for a social enterprise 

Six degrees offers a range of services which aim to support people with common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, equipping them with skills to deal with the challenges they face.

Northern Tonic services provided

Business Challenge 

Demand for our services had increased rapidly. As the organisation had developed to scale service delivery, the internal business function and processes hadn’t evolved to match and we had become reliant on external resource. 

The catalyst to address this was a specific challenging financial project I was working on, requiring expert help beyond the basic financial structures and accountancy packages we had in place. 



Rob and the Financial Direction team at Northern Tonic made a big impact, not only with the results, but also the approach. They came in with a desire, patience and willingness to understand the organisation itself, rather than a focus on the figures. The financial strategy and support felt bespoke and comprehensive. 

I realised this curiosity and drive to add value had been missing with previous outsourced financial help and that we had found the right partner to help us transition to running a much larger organisation effectively. 

Northern Tonic have gone on to overhaul our financial systems and business functions, creating efficiencies and setting up infrastructure that has allowed me to take back control of the finances and make more informed business decisions.

Rob Ormiston operated well with our board and was very responsive to their needs, He supported the seamless transfer of managing directors recently.

We moved to a Northern Tonic accountant and bookkeeping service and have had an equally positive experience. Northern Tonic listen to our goals, seek to understand the context and then deliver solutions to help us achieve these goals.

“As a social enterprise, Northern Tonic’s curiosity and willingness to understand the organisation is incredibly valuable. Their support combines an understanding of the nuances of delivering social impact, as well pounds and pence – increasing our effectiveness across both of these areas.”

Kerrie-Lee Barr

Business Development Manager