Beyond accounts:

getting smart about tax




From tax cuts to national insurance changes, financial rules seem to shift like a desert in a storm. Simply staying on the right side of the law can be a proper headache. 

And that’s without even thinking about making smart business decisions that don’t harm the planet.   

It’s enough to baffle even the smartest SME owner. But our business is to know all the financial stuff inside out.

And because we care about the people around us and the planet we live on, we’ve also got an eye on sustainability, helping people and doing the right thing. We’re a bit different to your average accountants.

Of course, we offer general accountancy, payroll, tax advice, book-keeping and audits. All delivered with our trademark plain-speaking Yorkshire friendliness.

And we also offer a service with a difference: we call it ‘financial direction’ – but think of it as having a helpful, insightful, informed financial director on your team. All with an eye on what’s best for people and planet. 

Wining with nil: how to make the most of nil rate tax bands

As new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng remains in the heat of the political spotlight after his first mini budget’s income tax cuts, we take a look at less controversial ways you can legitimately send less of your cash to the Treasury. 

From directors’ loans, to understanding Capital Gains Tax, we run through the main ways business owners can make the most of tax-free initiatives. 

Discover the best way to manage pension contributions and why smart decisions are based on your own unique blend of personal circumstances, tax efficiency and simplicity.

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Leadership and business growth

So much has changed: your business needs more than an accountant. You need a partner to help you map out your goals and ambitions – and plot the financial direction you need to get there. 

Together, we’ll spark possibilities and accelerate your success.

Setting you free financially

We make accountancy simple, putting you back in the driving seat and supporting you to do what you do best: run your business and make it thrive. 

Whether you need help to increase market share, lighten the burden of tax and payroll, or discover the opportunities hidden within an audit (yes, really), we can help.

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with a difference

Based between Leeds and York, we work with clients throughout Yorkshire –
and be

Accounting for social enterprises

Although we’re happy to take on all kinds of clients, we specialise in providing practical support for social enterprises. Rob Ormiston, our managing director, is a former chair of the Yorkshire and North East School for Social Entrepreneurs and has a deep commitment to helping businesses who are making profit for good.